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If you believe that by breeding modern QH to modern QH  the breed is moving away , then read on about the uniqueness of Ria Dee


As verified by AQHA search conducted by Tammy Garrison, Director of Customer Service, RIA DEE is blood percentage at 14.0625% 

King P-234, 17.1850% Leo, 12.500% Three Bars and Joe Hancock 28.1250% for a total of 71.8725% blood of 4 of the greatest AQHA sires in the development of the breed.  These 4 sires were used extensively in the development of the breed.  As AQHA researched 

there is NO other horse in the world with blood percentage EVEN close to Ria Dee.  He would cross with all lines going today and

grow the breed.  He is gentle, smart, fast, athletic, keen-headed, strong bone, moderate muscle.  He is a horse of average size, free

moving with a ground covering stride and an alert, willing and interested attitude.


There have been 44 Supreme Champions; 37 of them carry some or all of King, Leo, Three Bars and Joe Hancock, plus Depth Charge

which Ria Dee also possesses.There have been 19 Superhorses; 17 of them carry some or all of King, Leo, Three Bars, Joe Hancock and Depth Charge. This IS the pedigree of RIA DEE.


When you consider that there are no "New" genes, the signifigance of this horse, loaded with the presence of blood of 'most' of the greatest all time QH's becomes apparant.  The strength of these bloodlines have dominated these Champions.  Whether these

bloodlines came together to produce the TOP versatile champions of the breed came together on purpose or by chance, they rose to the top, like cream.


The Quarter Horses we have today were largely developed from crossing these lines out on  other lines, a lot of thoroughbred which  you see in the conformation today.  By continuing to breed these 'new type' horses the breed is moving away from how the horses

of today were created in the first place.  RIA DEE can take you back to the beginning! 



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